The “3 fab facts for happy joints for people living with osteoarthritis” infographic from this issue of JointHealthâ„¢ insight provides effective, at-home techniques to help you move more, manage pain and feel better with osteoarthritis:

Every movement count and you can modify existing exercises according to your skills and abilities, and with the consult of an exercise specialist, your doctor or a physical therapist. The walking jacks is an alternative to the jumping jacks. This exercise is good for those who are unable to do a jumping jack due to physical limitations, injury, joint pain, or poor coordination.

Image from: Kate Delaware, Pinterest
Image from: Kate Delaware, Pinterest

Steps to do a walking jack:

1) Starting position: stand and hold your chest high, then engage your core for balance and strength

2) Step out wide to the side with your right foot, while swinging both arms out and around to extend straight up overhead. If you are unable to reach beyond your shoulders, raise your arms to shoulder height only.

3) Once the leading foot is stable, follow through by stepping the left leg in close and swinging the arms back down to your starting position.

4) Repeat the movement going the opposite direction.

Do you currently practice other modified exercises? Please share your exercise with us in the comments section below.

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